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Cyberbully content courtesy of Steve Muto’s Social Media.
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November, 2018

Serial Family Bully, Steve Muto, continues to propagate lies, innuendo, harassment and defamatory statements online, in person or anywhere he can get someone to listen about his targets.
Cyberbully Steve Muto wants this site to come down. After a 5 year campaign, Cyberbully Steve Muto knows what he needs to do:

Cease and Desist.

Post a sincere “Public Apology” to all current Social Media Sites for all friends and family to see.
(“Pin It” to the top of your feeds for 30 days.)

Atone for a lifetime of physical and online bullying, harassment and defamation.
(You know what you’ve written, you know what you’ve said.)

Because you use Social Media as a Bully Weapon, after 30 days, Delete all Facebook and Social Media Accounts and Start Over.
(That means everything.)

When opening new Social Media Accounts, post your sincere apology as your first post.
(“Pin It” to the top of your feeds for 30 days.)


Go get some counseling. Seriously.

Steve Muto Bully Twitter - BigKahunaBully

Steve Muto Bully - This is just plain mean and hurtful

Steve Muto - Bully Post from the Road - San Simon, AZ

Steve Muto CyberBully Twitter Header 7.19.2015-3

Steve Muto Twitter Cyber-Bully Content 7.19.2015-004

You know what you said, you know what you did, you know how you lied.

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